12 October 2010

Get A Puki From Shanghai Bank – OnlyAtMalaysia.blogspot.com
Do you know what the advertisement means? Oh no! My god! Puki is appeared on the advertisement. The private word is used for publicity! This is very embarrassing but also very funny!

Get A Puki From Shanghai Bank – OnlyAtMalaysia.blogspot.com

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The advertisement is placed on the busy area of subway. This is what written in the Taiwan Shanghai Bank advertisement:

"Let Shanghai Bank manages your finance. Bring Puki home!

Participate in the "Puki Manage Wealth Well" plan. Limited Puki doll and coin deposit box waiting for you."

They have 5 types of Puki. Each Puki has its own name, which is Energetic Puki, Popular Puki, Smiling Puki, Shy Puki and Naughty Puki. Which Puki do you like? Perhaps the naughty one.

Puki means vagina in some Asian languages especially in local language of South East Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Brunei and Singapore. It seems like Taiwanese Shanghai Bank does not know what puki means in South East Asia. This puki campaign is in Taiwan, not Shanghai or China. The mascot of the puki campaign is a pig.

Imagine the bank is designing mother of puki, wonder what is the name will the bank give. Is it "pukima" or "pukimak"?

There is also a Puki song. Enjoy the music video.

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Puki Puki kawaii (in Japanese kawaii means cute).
Puki Puki go on street.
Puki Puki shake the belly.
Coins deposit inside the belly.
Puki Puki I love you, Shanghai Bank.
Happy happy together.
Deposit money in Shanghai Bank.
Very happy after deposit money.
Help you manage wealth well. Let money become live.
The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank

What a very cute song! Hope that Taiwanese do not teach their kids to sing this song in the school.

There is also a funny joke of the Puki introduced by Shanghai Bank. Below is the funny joke:

There are Taiwanese girl, Taiwanese boy and Malaysian boy playing on the ground. They start to talk to each other.

Malaysian boy: Eh! My mother say that save money is good leh! My mother keeps all my money for me. You leh? Where do you keep your money?

Taiwanese girl: In my Puki lor! My Puki is big. Can keep a lot of money leh. You don’t have Puki meh? Why you want to keep money at your mother’s puki?

Taiwanese boy: I do not have puki because I am a boy… Mother says doll is for girl, not for boy. Anyway, if you have more than 1 puki, can you sell to me your puki? How much is your puki? Don't sell your puki to Malaysian boy. Sell it to me!

Malaysian boy: #@!?%^ (fainted with white bubbles come out from the mouth)

Taiwanese girl: Don’t faint! I give my puki to you for free.

Malaysian boy: #@!?%^ (wake up with saliva come out from the mouth)

Ha! Ha! Ha! LOLWROTFLMFAOATAGSBIWCFTLTWAIHLAB (laughing out loud while rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off and taking a giant shit because I was constipated for the last three weeks and it hurts like a bitch)! So will you deposit your money into a Puki?

Heard that the bank had change the name of "Puki" to "Pukii". Anyway, what is the difference? The sound is still Puki. Puki, pukii, pukhi or pukie are all same.

It is a very cute advertisement in Taiwan. Anyway, it is only very funny when Puki advertisement comes to Malaysia. Happened only in Malaysia!

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Kenny K said...

o yeaaaah! I really like your postings. First time saw it. Bravo, man.

Anonymous said...

The hazards of cross-border advertising. :) Anyway, it is not done for Malaysia, so its probably a stretch to say that it will impact them.

Take for example, the Barbie doll. It sounds like pig in Malay, but no one (except the fundamentalists) minds.

Of course, describing an animal is different from an anatomy. Let's hope that they get a translator who will keep them properly informed.

Anonymous said...

Haha...funny commercial

Malay gal said...

i'm back from my work..n feel fuckin tired..when i google bout subway image..i found this post..what i just want to mention is..becoz of my workload this week..i'll never keep in laughing..but this is seriously can make me laughing like never before..n i still laughing while typing..bahaha..

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