09 November 2010

Penang Boh Hood Durian – OnlyAtMalaysia.blogspot.com
Do you know that durian have many types? Do you know that durian sellers in Penang is very creative in giving name to durian?

Penang Boh Hood Durian – OnlyAtMalaysia.blogspot.com

I was looking at a bunch of durians and told the taukeh: "Penangites are interesting!"

The taukeh ask: "What do you mean?"

I said: Don't you think so? The names of these durians are cool"

The taukeh smiled and proudly said: "Do you wanna try Ling Fung Jiao, it looks small, but it has this strong aroma. If not, do you wanna try Ling Qing Xia? Not only it looks good, it taste bitter sweet."

I said: "All right! All right! Lets try 2 of each"

Honestly after trying them, they do indeed tasted not bad at all.

And then the taukeh said: "Do you wanna try our latest durian brand?"

I said: "You have new brands too!"

"Yes! This new brand is called Koh Tsu K---."

I was amazed and ask: "What is so special about this one?"

"This brand is actually not very special, but it has something that all other brand doesn’t have."

"Err! and what is that?"

The taukeh smiled and said: "This is because this brand is BO HOOD one!"

Remark: BO HOOD is Penang Hokkien word. "BO" means tak ada. "HOOD" means biji / man's 2 balls.

BO HOOD has 2 meanings:
1. Tak ada biji (for durian)
2. Tak ada 2 bola (for man) - used in Hokkien society to say a man is timid.

This word is killing two birds with one stone.

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