10 September 2012

Pos Malaysia Call – OnlyAtMalaysia.blogspot.com
This morning I received a call from Pos Malaysia on my mobile phone (and it is a Pos Malaysia number which is 1300 300 300). They claimed there is an unclaimed letter from IPK Kuala Lumpur (surat saman / summon letter) and wish to send to my house again, and wanted to confirm my address.

I was sceptical and did not revealed my address. I then called Pos Malaysia to confirm. They revealed that a few people have been "conned" into giving out their home addresses and other details.

Pos Malaysia said they will never call customers if there is an unclaimed letter or package.

Please do not reveal anything to people even if you get a call from self-claim police sargeant.

Somehow they managed to hack into using Pos Malaysia & IPK Kuala Lumpur actual phone lines. Be careful.


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